Help! I Can’t Pay My Bills!

I know exactly what you’re saying. I know the stress you’re under, the embarrassment you’re feeling, the worry that overwhelms every rational thought you have.

I know where you are. I’ve been there.

And back.

I am not a professional in the field of finance. But I have managed to conquer substantial personal debt – more than once! – and lived to tell the tale. My view of debt has changed and never has the old adage, “If I knew then what I know now…” applied more fully than in my financial recovery.

But what if you knew now what I knew then. I learned a lot. The hard way. And there was no one I could turn to who had been through what I was facing. I had questions. I begged for help. But outside of the canned responses my professionals gave me, there was no one I could relate to. And that was one of my biggest obstacles.

You don’t have to sit in that same boat. I started talking about our debt problems. Out loud. Without shame. And with the idea that maybe, just maybe, I could save someone else a little of the heartbreak and stress that I endured.

My first intention in presenting this material here, on this website, is to help others. We have friends and family, acquaintances and professionals who all know what my husband and I have been able to accomplish financially throughout our marriage. Many of them have asked for more details.

This is an emotional story for me and telling it repeatedly is exhausting. So I decided to make all of my secrets and tips available to everyone, making the sharing a lot easier on my vocal chords. This also extends my reach allowing me to share our experiences with more people than we would have ever been able to otherwise.

I can write articles at a fairly steady pace and will do so as often as I can, as often as new ideas, subjects, and questions come up. But even then, I have been approached by some who want to know everything right away. They want to know what I did, how I did it. They want the details, the forms, and the know-how to start fighting their own debt today.

I couldn’t keep up with that kind of pace.

So I wrote a book.

Again, my primary purpose here is to share information with you that you need if you’re feeling swallowed up by your debt. My articles will, bit by bit, cover a wide range of topics to do just that. Feel free to subscribe and visit often.

But anticipating that you might like to jump to the front of the line, start tackling your debt now, and begin your climb back out of that hole into the land of the debt-free, I’ve made the book available here, online.

The book is a 120-page workbook that includes all of the information you need to get started. It includes information on the causes of debt, and how to stop making the problem worse. You can learn how and when to consolidate all of your debts into one central loan. You’ll understand what a consumer proposal is and whether you need one. You will feel empowered by the secrets you’ll learn about collection agencies and bankruptcy. And you will gain some terrific tools to help you, and your family, survive the emotional and social difficulties of living through your debt.

The workbook also includes detailed budgeting information – sample budgets, before and after scenarios, worksheets, and explanations. You will be able to use these forms and examples to examine your own financial situation and develop a plan to overcome your negative balance.

With the information in this book, you will discover how to start lowering your principal balances, keeping hard-earned money in your pocket instead of watching it fall through the cracks. If you owe $10,000 on a credit card with a 15% interest rate, that debt is costing you more than $4 a day to carry. That’s $31 per week. $125 per month. $1,500 per year. Every year.

If you could find a way to eliminate that debt, that’s money in your bank account. That’s money that you can use to pay off another debt, start an investment plan, save for a vacation.

Eliminating that debt is the first and most important investment you can make in your financial future.

Fight Back From Big Debt Workbook

Everything you need to start your financial recovery.

How To Fight Back From Big Debt will show you how to get started. As early as today.

And you could start saving that money for you and your family and stop paying it to the big companies who really don’t care about much outside of your wallet. Banks and credit card companies who have taken far more than their fair share of the pie, do not need any more of yours. Stop giving to them and start giving back to yourself.

It’s a hard fight. And quite possibly, a long one. But one that is worth every drop of sweat and tears. I highly recommend it.

The workbook is available for purchase online and can be shipped within a week. It contains all of the forms, samples, and information in a professionally bound paperback format. You can copy the forms directly from the book as you need them, and easily keep the book handy for quick reference on a daily basis. It is an investment in yourself to help secure a more stable, stress-free future.

I’ve made the workbook available in two different formats:

First, as a hardcopy paperback book, 120 pages. Take a look at it, risk-free. Order the book, read through it, use it. Take your time, work through your own personal situation.

You must be completely satisfied that the information within will help you to fight back from big debt and take control of your personal finances, or I will refund your purchase price, in full, no questions asked.

I can offer this truly unconditional guarantee only because I am that sure that you will not only recoup your investment in the book, but that it can help you make a genuine improvement in your financial situation, regardless of the size of your debt.

I’ve valued the book at $59.95 US. There will also be applicable taxes and shipping charges. You can use PayPal or a credit card to make your purchase online. Your order will be filled directly through the manufacturer and should ship within 3-5 days of your order.

I know; I hear you. Stacey, that’s a little too steep for me right now, I’ve got all this debt, you see.

Of course I understand. I’ve been there.

That’s why I’m also offering the book in a downloadable .pdf format. You can choose the option of the digital download instead of the book. This will allow you almost instant access to the material. You will be directed as to how to download the file and view it. You will be able to print some or all of it, or read it on your computer. The file will be yours to keep for as long as you want it.

Again, the same guarantee applies. You agree completely that the information can help you to take control of your personal finances, or I will return your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

In fact, if you purchase the digital version of How To Fight Back From Big Debt and then later decide that you’d like the hardcopy paperback version, let me know and I’ll give you a discount code for your $19.95 off the $59.95. You keep the digital version – you can still print out the forms when you need them – and you’ll have the paperback as well.

You’ve already fought long and hard to manage your finances. I am not here to make things harder for you. I won’t sell your contact information. I’m not here to rip you off.

I just want to pass along all the lessons I learned the hard way. Because, I can assure you, I wish more than anything, I had known then what I know now.

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