Stretching That Food Budget

And another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m so glad we have a 2-1/2 month stretch until Christmas turkey!

But I think I aced the meal this year. Though we only had eight for dinner, I went ahead and invested in a thirty pound turkey. At $0.88 a pound the week before the long weekend, I only paid about $25 for it. I have a huge roaster, and this thing filled it.

I’ve gone over the border and paid about that much for a turkey in the past, but with gas prices and border wait times, I gave up the practice long ago. What I opted for this year was a cheaper utility turkey – might be missing a wing or a drumstick, but still has quality meat and will go for a much lower price.

On the table, it looked great, tasted fabulous, and everyone ate ’til they couldn’t eat no more.

After dinner though, I got my money’s worth. I served out ten more full dinners into reusable containers and loaded up the freezer with them. Then I still had an extra large bowl of meat scraps, vegetables, and roasted potatoes that I covered in gravy and left in the fridge. The husband and kids have been dipping into that over the past couple days and with the half bowl that’s left now, I’ll roll out a crust using Pilsbury crescent rolls onto a flat baking pan and cover it with the rest of the leftovers, making one (well, actually, two) big turkey pies. That’ll be Sunday dinner next week. By then, everybody’s turkey’d out for a while.

The dinners are there if anyone needs a turkey fix. And I fed the entire family – a total of 38 full dinners – for about $40. Including the COSTCO $5.99 pumpkin pie.

Can’t beat that.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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