Don’t Let Your Debt Kill Your Social Life

One of the hardest things to manage when money is tight is your social life.

Friends call, they’re all going skiing on Saturday. You love to ski. The weather is perfect. The snow is ideal. Whiny Pete isn’t going. Your wanna-BAE is. This is must-do!

Your kids have been talking about a trip to the trampoline park for weeks. All their friends have been. It would sure get them off their butts for an afternoon. And they’ve been so good lately. Gotta do this!

Your wife’s birthday is next week. You know she’d love that new sushi restaurant. And it’s on a Friday, so you can really make a night of it. It’s for her.

Every day brings with it choices about how we’re going to spend our money. And the hardest things to say no to are always the funnest. Here’s some tips on sticking to your guns.

Focus On The Goal

Life won’t always be tight. In fact, without the cost of debt, you’ll free up more ‘fun-money’ than you’ve probably ever had. Sure you’ll be responsible and start your investment and retirement funds. But there will be fun in your future – only if you follow through with the entire plan and get yourself standing on a rock solid foundation.

Get Your Peeps On Board

Tell them what’s going on. You really want to do these things, but you’re working a plan. Things have been going a little sideways, and you’re working hard to get them back on track. Ask them to keep you on the invite list for the future – you’re in, you’re just a bit picky for now. Explain the program to the kids. Get your significant other to partner up with you. You don’t have to give details and numbers. But chances are, they’ll understand.

Research Cheaper Options

The Internet is a wealth of information. Use it to find less expensive options, alternatives, and ideas. Kids love nature. Parks and picnics can be incredibly romantic. And there’s almost always a coupon or deal to be had.

Living in debt can be frustrating and defeating. But it doesn’t have to be. With a little imagination and compromise, and a healthy dose of determination, you can create some of your best adventures.

And feel free to share your suggestions in the comments. Ideas are gold!!