Where To Start Learning About Money

Hi all,

I found this website today and really liked its straight-to-the-point casual style. Super easy to understand, as well as informative and helpful, I spent quite a bit of time there looking through a lot of the helpful ideas available in today’s and previous posts.

Today started with 5 Ways To Learn About Managing Your Money. Sometimes, a problem is bigger than it needs to be when you simply don’t know what to ask. Without a question, you can find yourself standing in front of someone with nothing but silence squeaking out of your mouth.

And even if you have a question, whom do you ask?

Again, you can’t just call 411 and start your pitch. The best you might get is a referral to credit counseling agency or a financial institution.

It’s nice to have options, and to know that someone else is out there asking the same questions you have. Take a few minutes and check out the site. You might be glad you did.