A Little Planned-Ahead Splurge

I was shopping at COSTCO the other day and found myself in a aisle full of 8×10 cardboard ‘product cards.’

There were a variety of different products – everything from a day-long ski lift ticket (about $40) to a movie night out (two adult admissions, two drinks, and a popcorn, $23) to ‘coupons’ ($100 gift cards for $80) for overnight stays in fancy hotels, dinners, and amusement park admissions.

On the average, these purchases will save the consumer about $20 each.

And while these are not items that I buy regularly, I will certainly keep them in mind in the future should we be considering such a purchase, and definitely a good idea for gifts. And with Christmas coming on fast, the more money I can save, the merrier I will be!

So I picked up a movie night voucher. I’ll keep it on hand for when we want to just make a run for it. It hurt a little throwing out $25 at the cash register. But now that it’s just floating around in my wallet, I’m checking out the movie listings for something I know my husband will love. No harm in enjoying a little anticipation…

In fact, now that I think about it, those ski lift tickets might go over well with my teenagers this year…