Are You Really Getting Value?

I ran into this article today and thought I’d pass it along:

4 Pricing Strategies That Increase Your Spending

As the Christmas shopping season revs up this week, consumers need to be aware of exactly what they’re buying and how much they’re paying for it. The bigwigs don’t need your money anywhere near as much as you do…

Watch and learn.

Watch and learn.

Stacey Brown.

A Little Planned-Ahead Splurge

I was shopping at COSTCO the other day and found myself in a aisle full of 8×10 cardboard ‘product cards.’

There were a variety of different products – everything from a day-long ski lift ticket (about $40) to a movie night out (two adult admissions, two drinks, and a popcorn, $23) to ‘coupons’ ($100 gift cards for $80) for overnight stays in fancy hotels, dinners, and amusement park admissions.

On the average, these purchases will save the consumer about $20 each.

And while these are not items that I buy regularly, I will certainly keep them in mind in the future should we be considering such a purchase, and definitely a good idea for gifts. And with Christmas coming on fast, the more money I can save, the merrier I will be!

So I picked up a movie night voucher. I’ll keep it on hand for when we want to just make a run for it. It hurt a little throwing out $25 at the cash register. But now that it’s just floating around in my wallet, I’m checking out the movie listings for something I know my husband will love. No harm in enjoying a little anticipation…

In fact, now that I think about it, those ski lift tickets might go over well with my teenagers this year…