Beware The Back To School Blues

Please, please, please tell me you’re not buying new stuff for your kids to go back to school. Please.

Our economy has quietly morphed from a consumer-driven model to one fueled by the big companies whose sole purpose is to make more and more money for their investors. They spend millions – billions – of dollars to convince us that we need what they’re selling. Watch tv for an hour and count how many commercials commiserate with us because we’re too fat, too old, our hair is the wrong colour, we need to get that girl, we need to get that guy, we don’t have enough money, we have too much money, we need to eat healthier, we need to treat ourselves…

You get the idea.

And so, with the end of August and back to school upon us, we’re now brainwashed into thinking our kids need a whole new wardrobe and all new school supplies for Tuesday. And if you and you children part of the tiny minority who are not yet sold on that concept, the kids at school will drive it home next week, while they’re all wearing $200 worth of new duds.

Our world has become nothing but a money grab. Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, New Years, Boxing Day – all created to woo the consumer – nay, guilt the consumer – into spending money to show someone something they could do for free and a hug.

And real holidays, Christmas, Easter, and the like – the banks all offer special seasonal loans to ‘help’ you get through them! What!!

Come on, people. Even if your kids need a few new things, wait two weeks. Watch the prices tumble through to the beginning of October. Your dollar will be worth two in four weeks, and your kids’ll be decked out in new sneakers while everyone else’s are starting to look a little ratty.

Save some money. Stretch your dollar. And don’t fall for their marketing. Buy it if you need it, but don’t think you need it just because they tell you you do!