What Would Your Friends Tell You?

NO ONE talks about money.
No one discusses their pay scale, their taxes, their income.
And certainly NOT their debt.
But if your friends did open up with their financial secrets,
what would they tell you?

Finding yourself in overwhelming debt is a silent torture
that can ruin finances, relationships, and health.
Finding help
– real help –
from someone who’s been through it,
who has learned some tough and valuable lessons,
who’s willing to share details and experiences
– is virtually non-existent.

Until now.

Fight Back From Big Debt.
With help from one woman who knows things that you need to know.
Things that will help you:
Avoid Further Debt
Find and Get Help
Know Your Options
Master Your Budget
Reclaim Your Dignity and Confidence
Live Your Life Despite Your Debt


Learn about consumer proposals, collection agencies, and consolidation loans: secrets they don’t tell you about when you’re stuck on the emotional end of the conversation. There are options, and then there are options for those options. You may be broke, but you don’t have to be broken. You need to know how to protect yourself and your family from the nerve-wracking ordeal that big debt brings with it.

Here you will find tips on how to weather the worst of personal financial storms. How to find some sanity in the middle of confusion, panic, and fear. How to take control and make decisions so that recovery becomes not only an option, but a certainty.

Hear about my own personal experiences with financial recovery as I recount exactly how my husband and I accumulated and recovered from a debilitating $54,000 debt in the first years of our marriage. Find out more about the causes of debt so that you can better prevent it in the future. Examine your own spending habits to discover how you can rebuild your financial outlook.

We were featured in Maclean’s magazine in January of 2000, and again in Readers’ Digest two years later, in an effort to share our story, risking the judgement of friends and family, to help others who find themselves in the same predicament. I believe that the rewards of having cleared such monumental obstacles are tremendous; but being able to share those lessons, makes the results that much sweeter.

Jump to current day, and I am still working to spread the word about debt and recovery. I offer helpful tips and suggestions on my new website for those who are trying to sort through the thousands of websites and phone numbers and advertisements that offer help, while really only looking for clients. I offer honest, frank opinions, and tell it like it is. I’m tired of seeing people search for help, flustered and frustrated, at a time when life is hard enough.

If you’re looking for some straight talk, some real-world support, and want to make sure that you are as prepared as you can be to take your stand and fight your way back from big debt, here’s the place to start.

I welcome emails and questions about any of the information presented here. Please remember though, that I am not a professional financial adviser and would never attempt to advise you on what you should do with your money. But I can tell you what worked for me; and perhaps there will be some helpful information in sharing my experiences. And, of course, if any of the information presented here is unclear, shoot me an email message and I’ll be happy to answer your question – after all, if you don’t understand it, it’s a sure bet that someone else has the same question.

Follow along with me as I share articles, downloads, links, and information that could help you make the difference between struggling with your bills and tackling them head on.

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That said, thank-you for visiting and for trusting me enough to get this far. I hope I can help you find the path you’re looking for to help yourself conquer your debt.

Any information you find here is free for the taking. Start today to make a difference in your life by taking control of your personal finances. It’s the biggest and most difficult step in making a financial recovery. The rest is simple. Not easy, but simple.

Stacey Brown.